Christians are told to forget about logic, forget about questioning the merits of what is being said.  They are told to just believe.  They will then receive so much such as enlightenment, love, acceptance, etc., etc.  People would never do that with a business transaction.  But after all, it’s just a fun fantasy that they are accepting and it doesn’t involve their money.


You are a sinner     = I know I’ve done a lot of stupid things.

Jesus will forgive you your sins and your soul will be wiped clean.  You will be pure.    =   Oh I would love that.

Jesus died for you.  He gave the ultimate for you, his life.  He couldn’t give any more.    =   Wow that was so nice of him to do that for me.  He didn’t have to go that far.

This is the Word of God,  God inspired the men to write this book      = I’ll believe you that God wrote it (because I’m gullible). There certainly won’t be any uncertainty in that book (NOT).

The word of God will give you eternal life      = I want to live forever.  I’m afraid of death.  What happens at death.  I don’t want to die.

You will be saved IF you just believe        = I want to be saved.  I don’t want to be discarded.

You will go to hell IF you don’t believe      = I don’t want to go there, for sure.

Hell is for an eternity.  A lake of fire where you burn and suffer for an eternity.  You can’t change back      =   I don’t want that. NO WAY.

If anyone contradicts what I say they are of the devil      =  I won’t listen to them.  I’ll only believe you.

We are smarter than you because we know God’s word      =   I want to be smart also.

You will also be smart if you just accept     = If I accept I will be smart like you?

We will accept you unconditionally     = I want to be accepted.  I like to be loved.  You will like me if I accept then, right?

You will be blessed with gifts.      =  Great!!!  I love gifts.