Breast Ripper

Torture people   … but don’t kill ….. get them to confess that they are a heretic …… then burn them at the stake alive — (then take their property).

Kill the women (burn witches)

Today – Burning Witches in Africa

Focus on the women …. they are wives, mothers, daughters ….. that will make the people conform ….They divided up their property they ascribed to the witch and her helpers owning …. one third of the total value went to the inquisitor and catholic bishop … One third to the city …… And one third to those who helped capture and convict.

During the First Inquisition, created by religious courts to combat heresy and witchcraft, Pope Gregory IX ordered the witch’s familial animal, the cat, especially black cats, to be burned and killed with the witch.  Hundreds of thousands of cats were killed, leading to the rapid proliferation of rodents, particularly a bacterium carried by rats.  That bacterium was ultimately the source of the Black Plague. 

Institute mental conditioning with punishments by God after death for non compliance here on earth.

Have an enemy to hate (Jews).

Make the people dumb by burning the libraries.

Kill other nations if they don’t believe in the fable (Crusades).

Punish anyone that contradicts their stories.