A., 7; M., 12.–God (Exalted is He!) said to Jesus (Peace be upon him!), “O son of Mary, exhort yourself, then if you take warning, exhort men; otherwise be ashamed before Me.”

A., 14; M., 15.–It is related that God (Exalted is He!) sent this revelation to Jesus (Peace be upon him!), “Though you should worship Me like the people of the heavens and the earth and had not love in God and hate in God, it would avail you nothing.”

A., 58.–It is said that God (Exalted is He!) revealed to Jesus (Peace be upon him!), “When I bestow a favour on you, receive it with humility and I will make it perfect for you.”

A., 90; M., 69.–God revealed to Jesus (Peace be upon him!), “When I consider the secret thoughts of a worshipper and do not find in him love of this world or of the next, I fill him with love of Me and take him under My care.”

A., 124.–We are told concerning Jesus (Peace be upon him!) among the things that God p. 79 (Exalted is He!) revealed to him [the following], “O son of man, weep during the days of your life like him who takes leave of the world and whose desire is raised to the things which are with God (Exalted is He!). Be satisfied with mere subsistence from the world. Let what is coarse and rough satisfy you from it. Verily I say unto you, you remain only your day and your hour. What you have received from the world and that on which you have spent it are written concerning you. So work in accordance with this, for you are responsible for it. If you were to see what I have promised the upright, your soul would pass away.”

A., 133.–And it is said that there is written in the Gospel, “O son of man, remember Me when you are angry and I shall remember you when I am angry; and be pleased with My help to you, for My help to you is better than your help to yourself.”

A., 223.–God (Praise be to Him!) said to Jesus, “Verily the world is not good except with wheat and barley; so their going bad is not good, for they are the dearest parts of My creation to Me. O Jesus, know that the seed has an honour which no creature’s honour resembles, and I am angry with him who spoils it just as I am angry with him who says that I am the third of three [with reference to the doctrine of the Trinity], or as I am angry with him who says p. 80 that I am poor, or as I am angry with him who declares that I have begotten a son, until he renounces what he has done and repents of the evil he has committed. Then I forgive him, for I am the Forgiver of offences.”

p. 81