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  • Goddess Isis and (Osiris’ son) Aion had a child.

Just like Jesus – the child’s birthday was celebrated on December Twenty-Fifth.

Isis, a God woman, is seen of Egyptian wall paintings back in 1360 B.C.  This goddess was popular because

Just like Jesus – she could be appealed to for personal salvation.

Just like Jesus – People would confess their sins and forgiveness was given through immersion in water.  Personal salvation is stressed through repentance accomplished through a priest who preaches monogamy and family unity.

Isis united with Aion and had a son named Horus whose birthday is January 6, the day the Greek orthodox Christians celebrate their Christmas on.  Europe celebrates January 6 as the “Three Kings Day” where everyone exchanges presents on that day instead on Christmas day.

Just like Jesus – The Madonna & child paintings of Mary and baby Jesus are almost identical to Isis & baby Horus.


Just like Jesus – Horus baptized by Anep, Jesus baptized by John.

Just like Jesus – Horus born in Annu, meaning place of bread. Jesus was born in Bethlehem, meaning house of bread.

Just like Jesus – Horus the good shepherd w/ crook on shoulder

Just like Jesus – 7 aboard the boat with Horus, 7 on boat with Jesus

Just like Jesus – Horus as the lamb

Just like Jesus – Horus the lion, Jesus as the lion

Just like Jesus – Horus identified with tat or cross, Jesus identified with cross

Just like Jesus – Horus at 12 years of age showed his special intellect, Jesus also at 12 years

Just like Jesus – Horus at 30 years was baptized

Just like Jesus – Horus the Krst, Jesus the Christ

Just like Jesus – Horus son of God, Jesus son of God

Just like Jesus – Two mothers of Horus were sisters, two mothers in Jesus story sisters

Just like Jesus – Horus adversary Seth, Jesus adversary Satan

Just like Jesus – Horus the sower, Seth the destroyer in harvest field, Jesus the sower of the good seed, Satan the sower of tares

Just like Jesus – Horus and Seth contending on the mount, same with Jesus & Satan

Just like Jesus – Star announced birth of Horus

Just like Jesus – Horus afflicted one, same with Jesus Horus as type of life eternal

Just like Jesus – Horus comes to fulfil the law, same with Jesus Horus came by water, blood, spirit

Just like Jesus – Horus of two horizons, Jesus of two lands

Just like Jesus – Horus walking on water

Just like Jesus – Children around Horus

Just like Jesus – Horus entering in mount to have conversation with his father

Just like Jesus – Horus transfigured on the mount

Just like Jesus – Seven loafs of Horus feeding multitude reclining in fields of Annu

Just like Jesus – 12 followers of Horus called Har-Khutti (disciples)

Just like Jesus – Secret mysteries make known by Taht-Aan, secrets made known by John

Just like Jesus – Anup and Aan as witnesses for Horus, two Johns witness for Jesus

Just like Jesus – Horus the morning star, Jesus the morning star

Just like Jesus – Horus gives morning start to followers


The most popular and widely spread religion of the ancient world.  – He was worshiped in Persia 1400 B.C. E.  It dates back to before the Iranian race split into two tribes; Persian and Indian. This cult was widely known to be in Asia Minor around the first century C.E.  Mithra religion spread rapidly among the Romans and was protected by the Emperors.  This cult Mithraism was a major competitor to Christianity until around the year 300 C.E. when Constantine created the Christian religion which squashed any competing religion. The papacy of Mithra became the Vatican papacy with the identical hierarchy structure.  The Catholic Encyclopedia states that the priests were called fathers, and the chief father pope was called “pater patratus.”  The Mithratic pope was known as “Pontimus Maximus”, or simply Papa.

Paul said, “They drank from that spiritual rock and that rock was Christ.” 1 cor 10:4.  These are the identical words found in the Mithra scriptures with the word Mithra instead of Christ.  The home of Paul was the site of Mithratic worship.  Vatican hill was sacred to the Mithra priests.  Mithraic remains have been found there.  The merging of Mithaic worship to Christ worship was without interruption.  The Vatican cave belonged to Mithra until 376 C.E. when it was seized by the Vatican in the name of Christ (on December 25).  All of the Vatican rituals of the headresses, altar, host, liturgical formula is all taken from the Mithra mystery rituals.

Just like Jesus – Born December 25, originally recognized to be the winter solstice.

Just like Jesus – Born of a virgin.

Just like Jesus – Born in a cave with shepherds giving gifts.

Just like Jesus – Mithras was born on the darkest day of the year, and they were considered the “light” to the world.

Just like Jesus – Had 12 companions.

Just like Jesus – Promised immortality.

Just like Jesus – Sacrificed himself for world peace (the great bull of the Sun).

Just like Jesus – Rose again 3 days after being buried in a tomb.

Just like Jesus – He is called “the way”, “the truth”, “the light.”

Just like Jesus – He is called “Redeemer”, “Savior”, “Messiah.”

Just like Jesus – His sacred day of the week was Sunday and it was called “the Lord’s day.”

Just like Jesus – He had a Eucharist which was eaten at the Lord’s Supper. (“He who shall not eat of my body and drink of my blood so that he may be one with me and I with him, shall not be saved.)

Just like Jesus – His resurrection is celebrated every year. His principal day for his festival became what today is called Easter.

Just like Jesus – His annual sacrifice is the “Passover of the Magi.”  It is a symbolic atonement for spiritual regeneration.

Just like Jesus – Mithras was regarded as a mediator between God and humans.  The name of the Persian high god that Mithras mediated between was Ajura-Mazda.

Just like Jesus – Mithras aided the souls of humans to heaven.

Just like Jesus – Mithras performed miracles.

Just like Jesus – Mithras killed a “holy bull” and by eating this bull’s body and blood it provides life.  The meal eaten was exactly like the Christian host wafer that is given in communion.

Just like Jesus – Mithras held a “last supper” with his disciples before he returned to Heaven. Just like Jesus – Mithras initiates had to be purified by a baptism.

Just like Jesus – Mithras will have a victory over evil and will sit in judgment of humans. Just like Jesus – Mithras will lead the “saved ones” over a river of fire to become immortal.


Dates back to 1250 B.C. and is seen on wall painting in Egypt.  In the 5th century Osiris and Dionysus had merged into the god Dionysus.  When Jesus came along Dionysus had been worshiped for centuries.

Just like Jesus – Dionysus was a savior of mankind, a “god” made into man, the “son of God” equal with the “Father.”

Just like Jesus – Dionysus claimed his father was God.

Just like Jesus – the mother of Dionysus was a mortal virgin, called Semele.  Semele wanted to see Zeus, King of gods, in all his glory and was impregnated by one of his lightning bolts.

Just like Jesus – Dionysus’ mother didn’t die but ascended to heaven and became an honored divine being.

Just like Jesus – Dionysus was born on December 25, and to some January 6.

Just like Jesus – Dionysus was born in a humble environment in nature.

Just like Jesus – the Magi (visited Jesus) were followers of Dionysus.

Just like Jesus – The Pagans way of worshiping God was to give gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh (6th cent BCE).

Just like Jesus – a prophesized a star represented the birth of Dionysus.  The alleged grove where Jesus was born was an area sacred to Osiris-Dionysus.

Just like Jesus – Dionysus initiates can be “born again” through baptism with water (into the mysteries) for centuries BCE.

Just like Jesus – Dionysus turned water into wine at a marriage ceremony.  Coincidentally it was the same known date when Jesus did his same miracle.

Just like Jesus – Dionysus’ disciples did not recognize him as a God, but then he transfigured before them.

Just like Jesus – Dionysus had twelve disciples.

Just like Jesus – Dionysus was portrayed as a quiet man with long hair and a beard.

Just like Jesus – Dionysus healed the sick.

Just like Jesus – Dionysus exorcised demons.

Just like Jesus – Dionysus provided spectacular miraculous meals.

Just like Jesus – Dionysus helped fishermen make miraculous catches of fish.

Just like Jesus – Dionysus was .not honored in his home town but was a wanderer.

Just like Jesus – Dionysus accused of licentious behavior.

Just like Jesus – Dionysus accused of heresy, stands up to hypocrites and to tyranny.

Just like Jesus – Dionysus accused of bringing a new religion.

Just like Jesus – Dionysus was betrayed for 30 pieces of silver (same as the motif of the Socrates story).

Just like Jesus – Dionysus is equated to bread and wine (body and blood of Jesus)

Just like Jesus – Dionysus the bread and wine are taken to communicate with him.

Just like Jesus – Dionysus rode into town on a donkey and people waved palm leaves at him.

Just like Jesus – Dionysus was hung on a tree and crucified.

Just like Jesus – Dionysus was hung on a tree at Easter time as a sacrifice to atone for the sins of the world.

Just like Jesus – Dionysus died and was resurrected on exactly the same dates.

Just like Jesus – Dionysus was wrapped in linen and was anointed with myrrh.

Just like Jesus – Dionysus descended to hell after his death, then three days later rose from the dead.  He then ascended to heaven.

Just like Jesus – Dionysus was enthroned in heaven by God.

Just like Jesus – Dionysus was visited by three women at his tomb

Just like Jesus – Dionysus’ followers await his reappearance and his divine judgment in the last days.

Just like Jesus – Dionysus’ death and resurrection is celebrated by a meal of bread and wine signifying his body and blood.


Just like Jesus – Krishna was born of a virgin (Devaki)

Just like Jesus – Krishna was born December 25

Just like Jesus – Krishna father was a carpenter

Just like Jesus – Krishna birth was foreshadowed by a star in the east.

Just like Jesus – Krishna at birth was attended by angels and shepherds who gave gifts of spices

Just like Jesus – Krishna the angels danced and sang at his birth

Just like Jesus – Krishna Declared divine at birth

Just like Jesus – Krishna Forerunner person preceded

Just like Jesus – Krishna Born in distant city from their home

Just like Jesus – Krishna was persecuted by a tyrant who ordered thousands of male babies killed.

Just like Jesus – Krishna healed a woman who anointed him with oil on the head.

Just like Jesus – Krishna healed the lepers, the deaf, and the blind

Just like Jesus – Krishna rose people from the dead and restored these people to life

Just like Jesus – Krishna had a beloved disciple named Ar-jouan (John)

Just like Jesus – Krishna taught in parables about charity and love

Just like Jesus – Krishna lived poor and loved the poor

Just like Jesus – Krishna was transfigured in front of his disciples

Just like Jesus – Krishna Washed the feet of his disciples

Just like Jesus – Krishna gave his disciples the ability to work miracles

Just like Jesus – Krishna when he walked people would stew his path with branches

Just like Jesus – Krishna died on a tree crucified between two thieves (some traditions)

Just like Jesus – Krishna died around the age of 30

Just like Jesus – Krishna Was pierced and crucified

Just like Jesus – Krishna Deaths resulted in a Sun darkening at noon.

Just like Jesus – Krishna “resurrected” from the dead

Just like Jesus – Krishna Descended to hell

Just like Jesus – Krishna ascended to heaven “in the sight of all men”

Just like Jesus – Krishna depicted on a cross with nail holes in his feet and a heart emblem on his clothes

Just like Jesus – Krishna is the “lion” (tribe of Saki)

Just like Jesus – Krishna relieved others of their sins

Just like Jesus – Krishna was called “the Shepherd God”, “Redeemer”, “the First Born”, “Sin bearer”, “Liberator”, “universal Word.”

Just like Jesus – Krishna was deemed “Son of God”, “Our Lord and Savior”,

Just like Jesus – Krishna came earth to die for the salvation of man.

Just like Jesus – Krishna disciples gave him the title of “Jezeus” or “Jeseus” which means pure essence

Just like Jesus – Krishna Sentenced to death by king fearful of his throne

Just like Jesus – Krishna Part of a trinity, the second person

Just like Jesus – Krishna claim they are the creator “God incarnate” (God in the flesh)

Just like Jesus – Krishna will return at the end of days.

Just like Jesus – Krishna will judge the dead


Just like Jesus – Buddha Baptized in presence of God’s “spirit.”

Just like Jesus – Buddha astounded the elders at the temple at the age of 12 with their infinite wisdom

Just like Jesus – Buddha Was tempted by the devil.

Just like Jesus – Buddha Followers required a sign

Just like Jesus – Buddha Tried to establish the kingdom of heaven here on earth

Just like Jesus – Buddha Made statements of wisdom similar to those made by Jesus

Just like Jesus – Buddha Healed a blind man

Just like Jesus – Buddha A constant preacher with an inner group and an outer group of followers

Just like Jesus – Buddha Wanted followers to renounce all worldly possessions

Just like Jesus – Buddha Had a disciple that walked on water Just like Jesus – Buddha After death there was a supernatural event

Just like Jesus – Buddha Disciples were miracle workers

Just like Jesus – Buddha Born of a virgin

Just like Jesus – Buddha Declared divine at birth Just like Jesus – Buddha Stars in the sky announced their birth

Just like Jesus – Buddha When born angels sang in heaven

Just like Jesus – Buddha had miracle workers

Just like Jesus – Buddha transfigured before witnesses

Just like Jesus – Buddha Part of a trinity

Just like Jesus – Buddha Relieved others of their sins

Just like Jesus – Others claim Buddha was the creator

Just like Jesus – Buddha Will judge the dead Just like Jesus – Buddha Had similar divine titles.


Events occurred in the Caucasus Mountains.

Just like Jesus – He descended from Heaven as “God incarnate” to save mankind.

Just like Jesus – He had a especially close friend named Petraeus (Peter) who was a fisherman and later deserted him.

Just like Jesus – he suffered and was crucified.

Just like Jesus – he rose from the dead

Just like Jesus – he is called Logos or “the Word.”


He was afflicted when God infected him with madness.  He killed himself by castration, then came back to life and danced around.

Just like Jesus – The birthday of Attis is December Twenty-Fifth.

Just like Jesus – born of a virgin (Cybele)

Just like Jesus – was considered the “Savior”

Just like Jesus – was slain for the salvation of mankind

Just like Jesus – his body represented by bread is eaten by his worshipers

Just like Jesus – the priests become “eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven”

Just like Jesus – he is both the divine Son and the divine Father

Just like Jesus – he was crucified on a tree on “black Friday”

Just like Jesus – his holy blood ran down to the ground and redeemed the earth

Just like Jesus – he descended to the underworld (Hell)

Just like Jesus –3 days after his death he resurrected on March 25.  The first day after his death is a day of mourning.  The second day is a day of fasting and physical suffering and deprivation similar to the Christian Lent and Christian Passion Week.

Just like Jesus – after his resurrection he was considered “God most high”

Just like Jesus – A cult was formed around his virgin mother


Just like Jesus – his mother had an “immaculate conception” by a ray of divine reason

Just like Jesus – he was born of a virgin

Just like Jesus – was baptized in a river

Just like Jesus – he was baptized also with the “holy” wind and fire

Just like Jesus – in his youth astounded wise men with his incredible wisdom

Just like Jesus – he was tempted in the wilderness by the devil

Just like Jesus – he began his ministry at the age of 30

Just like Jesus – he cast out demons

Just like Jesus – he restored sight to the blind

Just like Jesus – he taught about heaven and hell

Just like Jesus – revealed mysteries of the resurrection

Just like Jesus – revealed mysteries of judgment and salvation

Just like Jesus – taught of an apocalypse

Just like Jesus – he had a sacred cup or grail

Just like Jesus – he was slain

Just like Jesus – his religion had a Eucharist

Just like Jesus – he was “the Word made flesh”

Just like Jesus – his followers expect a second coming, to occur in the year 2341.  This will usher in a “golden age”


This God is from Mexico.  The religion had monasteries and nunneries that called their high priests Papes.  Cortes saw the ceremonies were virtually the same as the Catholic’s that he stated, “The Devil had positively taught to the Mexicans the same things that God has taught to Christendom.”  This Devil view of Quetzalcoatl compelled the Spanish to destroy as much of the artifacts as possible.  Few remain today.

Just like Jesus – was called Savior

Just like Jesus – was born of a pure virgin (Sochiquetzal)

Just like Jesus – messenger announced to his mother her son with be without connection with man

Just like Jesus – his mother was portrayed as “Queen of Heaven” (hieroglyph)

Just like Jesus – was designated “the morning star”

Just like Jesus – was tempted and fasted for 40 days

Just like Jesus – shown bending under the weight of a cross

Just like Jesus – called Redeemer who died for the people’s sins


Just like Jesus – born December 25

Just like Jesus – born of a virgin (Alcmene (means moon woman))

Just like Jesus – his father refrained from sexual relations until God impregnated the virgin mother.

Just like Jesus – He was known as the “only Begotten”, the “Universal Word”

Just like Jesus – He had 12 labors which demonstrated him as the Savior

Just like Jesus – called the “Prince of peace”

Just like Jesus – called the “Sun of righteousness”, ‘light of the world”

Just like Jesus – killed, then resurrected as his own divine father

Just like Jesus – ascended to Heaven


– was gored to death by a boar sent by God.

Just like Jesus – he was raised from the dead on the third day.

Just like Jesus – also born of a virgin mother named Myrrh.


Just like Jesus – BAAL was killed by Mot, he rose, came back to life.