Communion is -- the Eating of the Body and Blood of Jesus (cannibalism)

Host transformed to Jesus

God Comes Down from Heaven ... and into a Wafer.

The Catholic priest is a magician who changes a wafer into the body of Jesus (the god in the flesh). Wow…….What special powers he has. And be sure to call him “Father” even though he has no offspring and you certainly hope he doesn’t mean he is your biological father. Calling him father will help you psychologically to follow him wholeheartedly and do whatever he says and not think about the content of what he is saying. Eat the body of Jesus…..then you will be holy.  Holy means you will obtain God like qualities because of the eating of Jesus.

And when the Christians eat Jesus, since the wafer that is now Jesus’s body, …… doesn’t that make everyone that does this practice a cannibal???

Oh and don’t forget, the priest, excuse me, the “father”, changes the wine into Jesus’s blood.

I used to play like that when i was in grade school. I’d tell my playmates that i’m going to eat a piece of candy then I’ll become Hercules. Then after I ate it I’d act like I was so strong.  I stopped playing like that somewhere around the second grade.

Most pagan religions have a ceremony of eating and drinking something, generally bread and wine.

Pope serving communion

eating Jesus

Let's Eat Jesus!

Take Eat. This is my body.  

And as they were eating, Jesus took bread, and blessed it, and brake it, and gave it to the disciples, and said, Take, eat; this is my body.      Matt 26:26

The Host

This pagan origin has been recognized for centuries prior to the Christian eta.  It is a very old pagan rite that is professed to be new.

It did not originate with Jesus.  In the old testament Melchisedek king od salem, brought forth bread and wine  Gen 19:18.  He was a priest of the most high God.  There is no record of that time that there was a king or priest by that name.  Eupolemus (vol i Pg 39) tells us that the temple of Malchisedek was in fact the temple of Jupiter, the same temple where Pythagoras studied philosophy.    Some writers equate the name Malchisedek with Molok the God of War.  In these cultures ceremonies of bread and wine were common.  

The Christian writer Mr. Faber admits the offering ceremony  existed long before Jesus and states, “The devil led the heathen to anticipate Christ with respect to several, as the mysteries of the Eucharist, etc.”  St. Justin chimes in with “And this very solemnity the evil spirit introduced into the mysteries of Mythra” (Reeves, Justin, pg 86).

It is well known that the religions that openly practiced this rite were the Essens, Persians, Pythagoreans, Gnostics, Brahmins, and Mexicans.  Tibullus said (Memoirs, Mr. Marolles, pg 215), “The pagan appeased the divinity with holy bread.”  Tibullus in a panegyric on Marcella wrote, “A little cake, a little morsel of bread, appeased the divinities.”

This ceremony started originated with animal sacrifices to appease the angry Gods for the wrath imposed upon them.  It evolved to a feast of bread and wine.  A feast similar to the last supper feast was celebrated in the same manner during those times celebrating the passage of the sun across the equinox of spring. 

President Clinton communion
President Clinton eating Jesus' body ... He is doing a "Jeffrey Dahmer"

The question is, “ How can a man be so stupid to think that the bread he eats is God?”

The Brahmins has a similar ceremony where they would eat something similar to a eucharist called prajadam.  Ceres, the goddess of corn, gave her flesh to eat.  Bacchus, the God of wine, gave his blood to drink.  Mr. Grover writes what many other known Christian  writers have written, “In the sacrament of the altar are the natural body and blood  of Christ verily and indeed.”

The Persians, Pythagoreans, Essenes, and Gnostics used water instead of wine in their worship ceremonies.  It was objectionable to others that the Christians used wine luring their unsuspecting initiates with much intoxication.

Protestants Follow the Catholics ... as usual ...

Protestant communionbread and wine

... then they say that they are not Catholic ...

Communion portion