Can you believe this.  This … is the result of idol worshiping.

Former Presidential runner Romney wears it!  See the outline of his underwear under his white shirt.

These underwear garments are considered so sacred.  They contain small symbols.  This underwear is worn by faithful adult Mormons who’ve received certain ordinances in one of the church’s temples (which are different from the churches Mormons attend on Sundays).

By putting on what Mormons call “the whole armor of God” they believe that they are protected from temptation.  There are common stories of people who believe they were protected from physical injury because they wore this underwear.

Elder Carlos E. Asay, a high-ranking church official, explained the garment like this: “It is given to remind wearers of the continuing need for repentance, the need to honor binding covenants made in the house of the Lord, and the need to cherish and share virtue in our daily living so that promised blessings may be claimed.”