Do you judge a person by what they say, or by what they do? The Born Again Christians claim they are so different from the Catholics.  They say the Catholics are bad but they the “born again” are so good.  Let’s compare.

Worship on Sunday instead of Saturday?  Jesus and even Paul worshiped on Saturday. Check your New Testament.  When the Catholic Church changed the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday, the Christians followed and also changed their day of worship from Saturday to Sunday.  This is a tacit recognition of the absolute authority of Rome  and the Catholics because they observe the “Sunday Sabbath” that was ordered by the Pope in the Council of Laodicea (A.D. 364). Most Christian don’t know that Mirthras is the Sun God worshiped by the majority of pagans at that time (and they worshiped on Sunday). The Christians also don’t know what day of the year is the birthday of Mirthras.

The “word of God” texts were decreed (canonized) by the Catholics.  Writings claimed to have been written by the original apostles were deliberately left out.  Once Catholics said this is the “Word of God”, all the Born Again Christians say “wow …. God wrote those words …….., those Catholics know what truth is.  I’m going to follow those people from now on.”  And the Born Again Christians (more like born yesterday again and again) and Protestant Christians are mere sheep and accept the authority and decrees of the Catholic Church without question (as to what books comprise the “Word of God”, that worship should be on Sunday instead of Saturday, that Jesus was God in the flesh, etc. etc.).

When the Catholic Church established the doctrine that there were three persons in one God, The Born Again Christians followed without question.  There was no such doctrine before the Catholic Church started explaining it.

The Catholics have statutes in their churches which the Born Again Christians say are idols, yet the Christians have crosses in their churches.  They rarely have an image of Jesus’s body hanging on it, but a plane cross becomes an idol symbol when the Christians also claim that Jesus was god in the flesh.

The Born Again Christians once again heartily follow the Catholics in their claim that the Old Testament is no longer valid and that the New Testament has replaced it.

When the Catholics declared the day of Jesus’s birth to be December 25, the Born Again Christians respected the Catholics as having the authority to set the day and have honored that day since the Catholic’s decree to the present, just as all the Catholics honor it. The birthday of Mirthas the sun god is December 25.

When the Catholic Church declared the date of Good Friday and the date honoring the resurrection of Jesus, the Born Again Christians also honored both dates that were set (even though it’s not three days).  The Catholic Church named the resurrection holiday Easter honoring the pagan god Ishtar.  The Born Again Christians didn’t blink an eye and also readily accepted the name  the Catholics established for that day.

When the Catholic Church declared the day to honor all the saints, the Born Again Christians acknowledged it by celebrating all hallows eve, also known today as Halloween.

The Catholics glorify the virgin birth of Jesus.  The Born Again Christians totally accept the Catholic precept and agree that Jesus was born of a virgin.  Of course there are about 8 or more other pagan religions before Jesus that also claimed their leader were born of a virgin.

The Catholics say the holy days decreed to be followed in the Old Testament are no longer valid.  The Born Again Christians again follow the Catholics and don’t celebrate those holidays.

The Born Again Christians say the “Blood” of Jesus stopped that practice (What does his “Blood” have anything to do with it?).  He was not a temple sacrifice killed by Cohen priests in the temple.  Christians saying this are insulting Jesus and what he practiced. These insulting people are just furthering their desire for idol worship.  Jesus was murdered by the Romans who saw him as leading a revolt and killing him would send a message to the people.  And the Romans were certainly not following any orders from the high priests.

Many of the Christian priests or preachers dress similar to the catholic priests with the white linen robe and a colored cover vestment over it.  Also, many Born Again Christian priests wear a white collar and dress in black exactly like the Catholic priests. Funny thing is, even Anton LaVey author of the satanic bible even wore a white collar at one time.

When a person believes in and performs all of the decrees of an organization they are considered to be a member even though they haven’t formally joined (called de jure in law).  The Catholic Church considers anyone who follows their precepts to be Catholic and not a heretic.

Now I ask again, do you judge someone by what they say or by what they do?