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Miracles of Greece




1. Pythagoras was a spirit in heaven before he was born on earth.

2. His birth was miraculously foretold.

3· His mother conceived him by a specter (the Holy Ghost).

4· His mother (Pytheas) was a holy virgin of great moral purity.

5· Plato’s mother, Paretonia (says Olympiodorus), conceived him by the God Apollo.

6. Pythagoras in his youth astonishes the doctors by his wisdom.

7. Was worshiped as the “Son of God,” “Paraclete,” “Child of Divinity,” etc.

8. Could see events many ages in the future (says Richardson, his biographer).

9. Could bring down the eagle from his lofty height by command.

10. Could approach and subdue the wild, ferocious Daunian bear.

11. Could, like Christ, appear at two places at once.

12. Could walk on the water and travel on the air.

13. Could discern and read the thoughts of his disciples. 

14. Could handle poisonous reptiles with impunity.

15. Cured all manner of diseases.

16. Restored sight to the blind.

17. He “cast out devils.”

18. Jamblicus says he could allay storms on the sea.

19. Raised several persons from the dead.

20. And, finally, “a thousand other wonderful things are

told of him,” says Jamblicus.