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Lower Ranks

Most Masons at the lower ranks are Protestant Christians.  At the lower ranks are men that get together to be buddys.  They call their organization a fraternal orgaization.  The are do gooders that have fund raisers in the community.  They meet all sorts of people that are producers in society.  They make large amounts of friends.  They help each other out.  The men in these ranks are basically dumbies. They have no idea of what is really going on.  

Higher Ranks

Masons at the higher ranks use and manipulate the Masons of the lower ranks.  These higher ranks offer favors to the lower ranks such as job promotions, record or movie deals, sex of various kinds, anything to entice the lower members. 

Then comes the turning point to join the upper ranks.  It could be an offer for a record deal or a staring role in a movie.  To become a member of this elite group the member must do perverse sexual acts mostly homosexual in nature.  Eventually they participate in rituals to a spiritual being called Lucifer.  This Lucifer God is documented in the Mason's handbook and many other Mason books.