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jenifer anistons hands
Aniston’s long ring finger and square jaw
aniston hands
Aniston’s ring finger

aniston hands

Tennis pro Williams and her long ring finger.

williams handwilliams hand

williamswilliams hand

angela bassett
Angela Bassett


angela bassett hand
Long Ring Finger
kirstina brown
Murdered for the outing of Angela Bassett
Laverne Cox  (check out that last name)transgender cover time
Chaz Bono   (Originally Chastity Bono.  Who would name their child Chastity???)Sonny and Chastity (Chaz)Chaz Bono

katelinjenner beforejenner after

Need I say more???  He is still Brucelyn.

Kim before

kim beard

engagement ringengagement ring

What a long ring finger you have!

Long ring finger

engagement ring

How about this next picture.  Was this person born a man or a woman?


Man? Woman? Man? Woman?
Man? Woman? Man? Woman?